1. Sammlung


  2. Satire


    Films that use wit, irony, or sarcasm to hold up human vices or foibles to ridicule or scorn.

  3. Schwarzweißfotografie


    The art or practice of taking and/or processing photographs whose images are composed of gray tones, black, and white, and sometimes one hue, which may result from toning or aging.

  4. Science Fiction


    Film genre considered to be a sub-genre of horror or fantasy films, in the way that deal both deal with improbable creatures and improbable worlds. Science fiction films tend to use science fiction literature as their source material or it projects the possible development of a speculative future, such as the overpopulated and violent ones found such films as "Soylent Green" (1973) and "Blade Runner (1982).

  5. Serie