1. Bericht


    A report is a separately published record of research findings, research still in progress, or other technical findings, usually bearing a report number and sometimes a grant number assigned by the funding agency. Also, an official record of the activities of a committee or corporate entity, the proceedings of a government body, or an investigation by an agency, whether published or private, usually archived or submitted to a higher authority, voluntarily or under mandate. In a more general sense, any formal account of facts or information related to a specific event or phenomenon, sometimes given at regular intervals.

  2. Bild


  3. Biopic


    Films that depict lives of real people.

  4. Brief


    Pieces of correspondence that are somewhat more formal than memoranda or notes, usually on paper and delivered.

  5. Buch


    Items comprising a collection of leaves of paper, parchment, wood, stiffened textile, ivory, metal tablets, or other flat material, that are blank, written on, or printed, and are strung or bound together in a volume.

  6. Bündel Fasern