1. Karte


    Refers to graphic or photogrammetric representations of the Earth's surface or a part of it, including physical features and political boundaries, where each point corresponds to a geographical or celestial position according to a definite scale or projection. The term may also refer to similar depictions of other planets, suns, other heavenly bodies, or areas of the heavens. Maps are typically depicted on a flat medium, such as on paper, a wall, or a computer screen.

  2. Kastilisch


    Variety of Peninsular Spanish spoken in northern and central Spain.

  3. Komödie


    Genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour.

  4. Konferenzbeitrag


    A conference paper that is submitted to a conference and presented to the audience. The conference paper is published in proceedings.

  5. Konferenzbeitrag nicht im Tagungsband


    A conference paper that is submitted to a conference and presented to the audience. The conference paper is not published in proceedings.

  6. Konferenzposter


    A conference poster that is submitted to a conference and presented there at a poster presentation. The conference poster is published in proceedings.

  7. Konferenzposter nicht im Tagungsband


    A display poster, typically containing text with illustrative figures and/or tables, usually reporting research results or proposing hypotheses, submitted for acceptance to and/or presented at a conference, seminar, symposium, workshop or similar event. (Adapted from fabio)

  8. Konferenzveröffentlichung


    All kind of digital resources contributed to a conference, like conference presentation (slides), conference report, conference lecture, abstracts, demonstrations.

  9. Kopie


  10. Krieg


    Films that feature military conflicts.

  11. Krimi


    Fictional films that feature the commission and investigation of crimes.

  12. Kurzfilm


    Films that are usually limited to a running time of less than 40 minutes.