1. ra


  2. railroad bridge


    Bridges that support a railroad track.

  3. ram


  4. region free


  5. report


    A report is a separately published record of research findings, research still in progress, or other technical findings, usually bearing a report number and sometimes a grant number assigned by the funding agency. Also, an official record of the activities of a committee or corporate entity, the proceedings of a government body, or an investigation by an agency, whether published or private, usually archived or submitted to a higher authority, voluntarily or under mandate. In a more general sense, any formal account of facts or information related to a specific event or phenomenon, sometimes given at regular intervals.

  6. resource


  7. restricted access


    Restricted access refers to a resource that is available in a system but with some type of restriction for full open access. This type of access can occur in a number of different situations. Some examples are described below: The user must log-in to the system in order to access the resource The user must send an email to the author or system administrator to access the resource Access to the resource is restricted to a specific community (e.g. limited to a university community)

  8. rm


  9. romance


    Films that feature the development of love between the main characters.

  10. romance film


    Films that feature the development of love between the main characters.