1. C/3


  2. Castilian


    Variety of Peninsular Spanish spoken in northern and central Spain.

  3. CD


    A disc on which sound waves, recorded as modulations, pulses, etc., are incised or indented in a continuous spiral groove.

  4. collection


  5. collotype


    A type of photolithography in which the printing plate is prepared using a bichromate process. Unhardened gelatin areas hold water and thus resist greasy ink; hardened areas accept ink and hold it in the characteristic wormlike pattern of cracks.

  6. color film


    Motion pictures produced in color, as contrasted to black-and-white.

  7. color photography


    Generally, the art or practice of taking and/or processing photographs that reproduce hues perceptible to the human eye. Extended to include imagery in which colors have been artificially enhanced or altered.

  8. comedy


    Genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour.

  9. conference object


    All kind of digital resources contributed to a conference, like conference presentation (slides), conference report, conference lecture, abstracts, demonstrations.

  10. conference paper


    A conference paper that is submitted to a conference and presented to the audience. The conference paper is published in proceedings.

  11. conference paper not in proceedings


    A conference paper that is submitted to a conference and presented to the audience. The conference paper is not published in proceedings.

  12. conference poster


    A conference poster that is submitted to a conference and presented there at a poster presentation. The conference poster is published in proceedings.

  13. conference poster not in proceedings


    A display poster, typically containing text with illustrative figures and/or tables, usually reporting research results or proposing hypotheses, submitted for acceptance to and/or presented at a conference, seminar, symposium, workshop or similar event. (Adapted from fabio)

  14. conference proceedings


    Conference proceedings is the official record of a conference meeting. It is a collection of documents which corresponds to the presentations given at the conference. It may include additional content.

  15. container


  16. copy


  17. corrected version of record


    A version of the Version of Record of a resource in which errors in the VoR have been corrected. The errors may be author errors, publisher errors, or other processing errors.

  18. crime


    Fictional films that feature the commission and investigation of crimes.